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I am ONE for the Books and this is where my thoughts are shared. I enjoy reading with a passion. I see no issue in getting whisked away into the pages for hours, days, weeks, months at a time! Reading is a huge part of my life.

Reading progress update: I've read 56%.

The Mapmaker's Children - Sarah McCoy

Im calling this a DNF. I might come back to it. This book was moving entirely too slow. I cant deal, not int he mood for it. 

Reading progress update: I've read 47%.

The Mapmaker's Children - Sarah McCoy

I've gotten this far and this novel still hasn't gotten anywhere. I'm ready to claim this a dnf...that's unfortunate because I've gotten pretty far but it's taking me so long to get through it and I have other books waiting.  I'm going to try to finish tonight, if not I'm dnf it. 

Reading progress update: I've read 19%.

The Mapmaker's Children - Sarah McCoy

OK... so I am on the fence about this book. I love the concept, however, there are wayyyyyyy too many characters. I am getting confused. Also there are switches between 1859 and 2010 and at this point in the novel they have no connection. It's almost like reading two different stories. I see where she is going but it is a little discombobulating and throwing me off. I keep having to stop and regroup and remember who is who, etc...too much work!

The Bodies Left Behind - Jeffery Deaver

Now this is how you write a thriller!!! I am adding Jeffrey Deaver to my author's list. Reading this book was like watching a good suspense movie.  The only reason that I rated it kind of low is that there were some slow moments that did could have been left out. Otherwise this book kept me on the edge of my seat; and just when I would start to get comfortable  there would be another twist.  I highly recommend it!

Sorry, I'm "booked"...
Sorry, I'm "booked"...

Until further I should stop making plans in advance...the day comes and I almost never feel like going especially if I'm into a good book, like now!! 

Just saying...
Just saying...
The Truth and Other Lies: A Novel - Sascha Arango

Hot diggity dog! That dammed Henry!!!!

Reading progress update: I've read 47%.

The Truth and Other Lies: A Novel - Sascha Arango

Struggling with this one but not quite ready to dnf it.  I do want to know the outcome. Henry is a sociopath and has the audacity to be distrusting of everyone else. He's also a bit pompous...ugh. He's almost like a male version of Gillian Flynn's protagonists. ..I don't like him one bit. 

He's done it again!

A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini

My, my, my....I am at a loss for words (in a good way);  Khaled Hosseini  has done it again . I might need to take a day to regroup and come back and write my review. I highly recommend  this novel! Engaging, riveting, and heart wrenching ... I loved every moment of it. The characters, the plot, the reality... To be continued once I gather myself. My first 5 in a long time. 

My first audiobook

A Deadly Grind - Victoria Hamilton

So this is my 2nd day listening to my first audio book.  I'm enjoying both the experience and the book. The book is a nice little cozy book;  nothing too thought provoking but interesting enough to capture my attention during my work commutes. I may be on to something with these audiobooks!! Thanks to my booklikes  pals for the tips. 

#random - audiobooks

I feel like I could indulge in many more books if I could pay attention to audiobooks. I really want to incorporate them but my attention span is so short when listening.  *Pouts*

Every family has its secrets...

My Sweet Audrina - V.C. Andrews

I understand that but this family was full of manipulators.  Jeesh!!! I was so confused, I didn't even know who to believe! This novel was pleasurable and disturbing at the same time.  I couldn't put it down though.  Lol. I'm actually ready to check out the sequel which doesn't come out until July, I think.  My only gripe was that it took a lot of pages to get a point that could have been reached in half the pages.  It really was not that big of a"wow" moment, it was a little predictable. But as I said it was entertaining. 

Reading progress update: I've read 6%.

My Sweet Audrina - V.C. Andrews

Not sure if I'm supposed to be laughing at this book but I've chuckled a few times...these characters are hilariously flawed. 

4 out of 4

Recipes for Love and Murder: A Tannie Maria Mystery - Sally Andrew

I made it. I finished 4 books during the break  as I had originally  set out to do. Two of them were really enjoyable and the other two were OK, not terrible. 

Rena's Promise: A Story of Sisters in Auschwitz - Heather Dune Macadam, Rena Kornreich Gelissen

A captivating and heartwrenching story of courage, selflessness, hope, and survival. This book was eye opening and humbling as Rena shared her tale of survival in Auschwitz while trying to remain humane and trying to keep her promise to her sister. Although it takes place during the Holocaust, this memoir does not put a lot of focus on the evils during the time. Rena's will to survive, her selflessness, and her strength during such a tumultuous time were admirable. The story telling was great and at times I had to remind myself that this was her reality for 3 years. There are a few pictures of Rena and Danka included as well.  Two thumbs up

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