The Secret Baby Room

The Secret Baby Room - D.D. Johnston

Claire and her husband Dan move to Manchester In hopes of a new start. However, within a few days of moving there Claire finds something suspicious. Follow Claire and her quirky neighbors on a journey to decide if Claire is losing her mind or if there really is a secret baby room.
The only reason I kept reading this novel is because I wanted to know what was going on, so in a sense it was suspenseful. Did it have me on the edge of my seat? No. It seemed that the story line was dragging. There was so much going on at one point that was really not intriguing, at that point I just had to sit the novel down. I didn’t get a sense of mysteriousness or secretiveness that I usually get with suspense books. This novel could have been wrapped up way sooner than it was and then the ending was kind of blah!
I give the overall story line a ¾ but because of the dragging and choppy story telling, I rate it a solid 3.

Thanks NetGalley and Barbican Press for allowing me the opportunity to preview this novel.