Yes, yes, yes...amazingly disturbing!

— feeling big smile
Dark Places - Gillian Flynn

THIS WAS IT! This was my favorite Gillian Flynn novel. Initially,  I couldn't get into it and I realized that it was because of two reasons (1) my head wasn't into it. I wasn't ready for it, (2) I didn't like Libby at all!! But after regrouping and taking a break, I couldn't put it down. Libby wasn't too bad after all but she still isn't someone that I would want around me. Then I also made the connection that there are very few characters in any Gillian Flynn novel that are likable. 

When I finished this novel, I felt mind raped. Like Gillian Flynn had done it again..great twists but the most shocking is always how she ends her novels with ambiguity. Is Ben a good person or a bad person? What about Libby? Damn you, Gillian.


I highly recommend this novel!!!