Reading progress update: I've read 23%.

Every Fifteen Minutes - Lisa Scottoline

Yes, I know I haven't gotten far but yall know how life goes. Anywho..I really want to like this book but there are a few things that keep making me put it down:1. The author is trying to use eloquent diction that for this novel,  and in my opinion, is inappropriate. Now, I love learning new words, however, I'd prefer it not be in a book that is trying to build suspense ; 2. Involves words too:  the author keeps using technical psychology and psychiatry terms and medicines and sometimes drifting off the plot by explaining different techniques.  Now once again I would be interested but not in a suspense book.  These few things are taking away from the suspense and thrill of the novel and at times it seems like I'm reading a story in a medical journal..